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homophobia is people hating gay people because theyre gay

transphobia is people hating trans people because theyre trans

"heterophobia" is gay people venting on a blogging website about the way theyre treated by straight people

"cisphobia" is trans people venting on a blogging website about the way theyre treated by cis people

no one hates you for being straight

no one hates you for being cis

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can we see beautiful pictures of your life

projected on the side of a house

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Anonymous asked: my cousin who's 15 has been a vegetarian 4 like 10 months, and last week @ Thanksgiving dinner she had a piece of turkey on her plate & I was like ??? She tells me her parents make her eat meat once a week, bc when she doesn't eat meat she doesn't get her periods (bc they refuse 2 buy her veg vitamins/supplements.) wut do u think abt this, being a vegan?


if she wants to actually commit to being a vegetarian she needs to do some more research and show her parents some research on sources of iron/protein other than meat. it’s very easy to be a vegetarian and get all the nutrients you need even without supplements. you should send her some links x  x. i think that if she is dedicated she can find a way to make it work for her without meat once a week. i don’t really think eating meat once a week would be beneficial to her anyways.. there’s probably a problem in another area of her diet that would result in lack of periods. i know that its hard when you’re living with a family that isn’t super supportive but there are tons of really easy recipes she could make herself + resources available online or in the library or through a dietary professional. if she’s not getting her period regularly it might have nothing to do with her diet anyways and she might want to see a doctor because there might be another underlying issue. hopefully she can figure out a way to be a full time vegetarian despite her parents wishes. sometimes you just need to take a stand and take initiative if its something that means a lot to you. 

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My dildo looks like a sailor moon wand no biggie

My dildo looks like a sailor moon wand no biggie

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